The Top 5 Moving Safety Tips

Staying safe during your move must always be the top priority. With heavy furniture, piles of boxes, and supplies/tools scattered about your space, you must stay alert to the hazards in your environment. Taking steps to avoid incidents, being aware of your space, and having the right resources available will all help you stay safe. Follow these simple moving safety tips to keep you and your family injury free during your next move.

The top 5 moving safety tips:

1. Make a plan, start early, and don’t rush yourself.

The Top 5 Moving Safety Tips

The majority of incidents that occur during a move are a result of feeling rushed and being disorganized. Leaving the move until the last minute will leave you stressed and overwhelmed. You’ll possibly become so focused on getting all your items into a moving truck that you’ll miss easily avoidable dangers—and you’ll likely prioritize speed over safety. 

To avoid this panicked rush, start planning your move out at least a month before your moving date. Consider what items you plan to take with you, whether you’ll hire a mover, and what supplies you’ll need for moving day. Schedule enough time to complete all your moving tasks. 

If it seems like you won’t have enough time on moving day to get all you items out of your house safely, then consider alternatives. One great solution to avoiding a stressful and dangerous move is to rent a self-storage unit. You can slowly move furniture and boxes out of your house and into the unit over a time span that works best for you. Your items will be safe and out of your way in self-storage, leaving you to only have to worry about moving a few essential items on moving day. Learn more about the storage units near me available to you by visiting Wright Self-Storage.

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2. Use equipment when transporting items.

Having the proper moving equipment is crucial to a safe move. Heavy boxes, large furniture pieces, and long days of labour can pose a serious threat to your safety while moving. Without the aid of equipment, your move can become dangerous. Equipment that helps with a move includes hand trucks, moving dollies, furniture sliders, and bungee cords. 

hand truck

Rent a hand truck or a moving dolly to avoid the unnecessary strain of carrying heavy items yourself. Hand trucks have two wheels and stand upright. Its design allows it to slide under heavy items (like appliances and boxes) and be tilted backwards onto its wheels in order to transport the items. Transporting tall and heavy items is simple and safe with the help of a hand truck. Moving dollies, on the other hand, have four wheels and operate similarly to a cart. Dollies are more stable than a hand truck, making them a great choice for moving large furniture items. Hand trucks and dollies are the two most important pieces of equipment to use during your move. They will do the heavy lifting for you, keeping you safe and injury free.

Additionally, consider renting furniture sliders to help you move heavy furniture. The sliders can be placed under the legs of your furniture to help move heavy pieces without straining your body or ruining your floors. Once you have all your items in the moving truck, be sure to secure loose items and boxes with bungee cords. Bungee cords will help ensure that no items fall and break during the drive. Even more importantly, securing your items will ensure that nothing falls on you and that no hazards are created by the shifting of boxes in the truck during the drive.

3. Learn safe lifting techniques.

Though equipment will help ease the demands on your body during moving day, it is also necessary to use safety techniques when lifting items onto equipment or without the help of equipment. 

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Remember these suggestions during moving day:

  • Wear industrial level gloves to protect your hand and help you get a secure grip on the items.
  • Bend your knees rather than slouching your back when lifting objects. Keep your back straight and strong while lifting and carrying items in order to avoid injury.
  • Keep your feet shoulder width apart while lifting to give yourself a strong, sturdy base. Ensure that the ground you are standing on is solid and stable.
  • Do not carry items above your shoulder height or in any other way that may destabilize you. It is best to keep the items close to your waist.
  • Ask others for help when lifting heavy items. Employ the help of a few friends or family members on moving day.
  • And use a hand truck or dolly to lift items whenever possible.

Even if you follow these tips, your body may still give you signs that a lift is unmanageable or that a short break is necessary. Listen to your body, take breaks when you need, and ask for assistance whenever a lift causes strain on your body. These steps will help you stay safe and injury free during your move.

4. Wear proper clothing.

Not only is it important to listen to your body and to use safe lifting techniques, it is always essential that none of your clothing hinders safety on moving day. Comfortable, flexible clothing is ideal for moving day. Opt for breathable fabrics, especially if you live in a warm environment, to avoid overheating. If you live in a cold environment, ensure to layer your clothing and have a jacket on hand during frequent trips outside to the moving truck. And don’t forget to wear an outfit that you don’t mind getting dirty or torn during the move.

Also remember to:

  • Wear gloves that protect your hands
  • Wear clothing that covers you and isn’t baggy. Loose clothing may increase your risk of cuts and baggy clothing can get easily caught on items.
  • Wear socks with grips on them to avoid slipping if you are removing your shoes inside.
  • Wear closed-toe shoes that provide you support and good grips.

5. Skip the stress of moving day and hire professional movers.

Rather than worrying about renting the right equipment, wearing the right outfit, or lifting your items the right way, consider hiring professionals to do it for you. Professional movers have the experience and equipment necessary to keep everyone—and everything—safe during your move. Their professional expertise will give you peace of mind and keep you injury free. Wright Self-Storage has been offering removal services to the Mansfield area since 2009. Visit our service page to learn more about how Wright can help you during your next move!




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