How do you store furniture long term for Mansfield?

  1. Choosing your storage company is the first thing, make sure its clean and modern and well maintained.
  2. Make sure you clean what items you can before wrapping them, no one likes a smelly storage room as if you plan to travel for a considerable length of time this is what tends to happen.
  3. Take It Apart: its always best to take your items appart such as wardrobes, beds and tables, you will find this way you can make the most of your space.
  4. Wrap furniture for long stays: if you are going away for only 3 months then its not so important. But f you are travelling for a year or more consider that we have 4 seasons in a year and storage centres are not climate controlled, this will unfortunately allow wood to expand and shrink due to the moisture in the air. However if you take little Tim you can make sure that your priceless heirlooms are kept tip top condition for your arrival back. Just by putting items in a box ca help with this or adding moth balls inside plastic sheeting.
  5. Protect your glass items: 

furniture storageglass tabletops, mirrors and glass cabinets require extra precaution due to there size and shape. Try to bubble wrap and also put cardboard around it if possible.

6. Sofa Storage: storage: when storing sofas you can either put them on there end so gaining full use of the height but this is only advisable if you put cardboard  down before doing to to protect against moist.

7. Food Storage: food is one of the items that are not allowed to be stored in storage as when left for long periods they start to go off and smell, they also encourage rats into your storage room.

8. Try not to over pack your unit: Remember your items need to break and packing them to the rafters is never a good idea as like most items like wood and wool they need to breath to remove the moister, this is why its always a good idea to wrap your items so they don’t get mold on them.

4 Reasons why you might need Furniture storage short term

  1. A few of the reasons I hear why people might need storage short term is when you sell your house and the buyer wants to purchase it cash within 4 week. this catches allot of people off guard but easy to resolve by just move into self storage unit. This will also help when you come to buying a new home as it takes a little pressure of when choosing a new home to move in too.
  2. Down sizing is a common one as when your rent for your house goes up and your living by yourself people are starting to buddy up sharing a home with a friend or family member.
  3. Thinking of decorating a part of your house or maybe extending the kitchen, we are happy to help and why not let us give you a quote for removals.
  4. Decluttering so you can make space for putting your house on the market.

What size storage room will I need to store my furniture?

Here at Wright Self Storage And Removals we have a storage size that suits you. Offering 11 sizes from 25 sq ft to 140 sq ft room. one of a big aspect of room size is how heigh is the ceiling height which would give you more cubic feet. our Room height is 9.5ft where as most storage centres cap it at 8 feet. A good rule of thumb is to head over to our self storage calculator as a guide.

How much does it cost to put your furniture in storage UK?

The average of a self storage in the UK varies where you live, as you would agree just look at the house prices per square feet and you will find that’s the same with storage. we are based in the midlands and storage cost about £17 per sq ft per year. Divid this by 12 and you get a total per month of around £1.42 to £1.70 per sq feet per month

If you rent a smaller unit it will be on the £1.70 per month and if you rent over 100 sq ft unit it will be more towards the £1.42 mark.

Be warned about the deals which sound too good to be true, getting cheap self storage is impossible  as when you’re moved and the deal ends it moves to there standard rate, so be prepared to be shocked.Always ask for the standard prices.

We have a wide range of personal storage units and containers available.

If you are in the process of moving home, Renovating, travelling, de-cluttering, life event or just need more space, Wright Self storage unit’s in Mansfield can find for you the right self storage solution that works.

How About More Info

  • Individual Room Sizes 25 to 140 SQ FT
  • Reasonable price
  • Container Storage 24/7
  • Removal services
  • Fast registration
  • Great Security
  • Secure storage
  • Convenient location
  • 24HR CCTV
How can I find furniture storage near me?

Wright Self Storage And Removals are located in Mansfield Nottinghamshire NG182NS.

Our van covers 20 miles of the surrounding areas of Mansfield, a list of areas below.

If you require help with any information please don’t hesitate to call us on 01623-654202

and speak to one of our team members.

We are also a removal company who can help with your move into storage, we also offer a FREE pick-up service for your items as long as you have a minimum if 12 weeks storage. Terms And Conditions Apply.