Creative Accommodation Ideas if You’re Displaced Due to Home Renovation

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Living in a construction site is far from ideal. Sawdust in your nose, dust coating every outfit in your closet, your eardrums ringing with the sound of hammers and drills—there is only so much mess and noise that you can take. And once the plumbing isn’t working and the roof above your bed is open, living in the midst of your home renovation will be unmanageable. Temporary accommodation that suit your needs will keep you sane and comfortable while your house gets its make-over. Below are the best accommodation options for when you are displaced because of a home renovation:

Creative accommodation ideas during a renovation:

1. Stay with friends and family

If your budget is already blown on the renovation or if you can’t find any other accommodations at the last minute, this option is perfect for you. Make some phone calls and see if anyone has space for you to stay for a few nights. 

2. Rent an RV

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You might not even have to leave your property if you rent an RV! Do you have a backyard that could accommodate a reasonably-sized RV? If you do, then consider renting one for a week or two and parking it in your backyard. Depending on where you live, you might also be able to park the RV on the street. 

Remember that some projects may require your utilities to be cut off for an extended period. In this case, you won’t have access to necessities like electricity and water even while living in the RV and will need to find an alternate option. Staying at a trailer park or camp ground is always a great choice as these offer utilities to your RV.

3. Rent a short-term rental apartment

Best for construction projects that will displace you for a month or more, securing a short-term rental apartment will make sure you’re comfortable and have your own space. Opt for a rental that comes fully furnished and move-in ready to avoid the hassle of moving furniture into and out of the rental. Look for an apartment with accessible laundry facilities and working appliances—access to gyms, swimming pools, and parks is an added bonus of some rentals!

4. Book a vacation rental or an extended-stay hotel

Vacation rentals are convenient options for accommodation during your renovation because they are designed for quick access and short-term stays. Since most vacation rentals are privately owned, you will likely be able to negotiate a length of stay and rate that works for you. And vacation rentals are designed to be easy to move in and out of: the temporary displacement from your house will be made easier if you don’t have to worry about packing cutlery, pots and pans, bed sheets, books, and even little snacks for your first day. Websites like Airbnb make finding a vacation rental that accommodates your needs easy.

Besides vacation rentals, extended-stay hotels can also meet your accommodation needs during your renovation. Designed for stays of around a month, the rooms will generally come with full kitchens that include the appliances and dishes you’ll need, as well as furnishings and amenities that allow you to live comfortably as soon as you move in. The added luxuries of  housekeeping, laundry, and free continental breakfasts will make your time away from home a bit easier.

5. Or go on an actual vacation!

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If you have saved up vacation days and are ready for some time on the beach after the stresses of planning for your renovation project, you might decide to book your flights and go! You’ll be able to return home to completed renovation work and be ready to move in and enjoy your new home. However, make sure that you are comfortable leaving the supervision of the construction project entirely in the hands of your contractor. You might want to stay nearby to ensure that all the work is being done how you expected it to and to be available if the contractor needs to discuss any issues that arise during the project. 

Going on vacation during the renovation might be the relaxation and peace you need or it might only cause more anxiety and ruin the time you took off. No one wants to be stuck on the phone with the contractor while they could be exploring a new city, so make sure that you and your contractor are comfortable with the project before deciding to take a vacation.

Before you commit to any of the above accommodation types, make sure to consider these factors:

1. Will you still be able to live your life without huge inconveniences? 

Evaluate how far the accommodation is from your work, your gym, a grocery store, your kid’s school, and any other locations that you visit frequently. Also, consider what the traffic might be like when you’re driving to these locations from your temporary accommodation. Most GPS systems show live traffic reports, so map out the routes you’ll have to take at the time of day you’ll be taking them and make sure that traffic jams aren’t a trend. 

2. Do you have pets? 

If you do, make sure that wherever you’re staying allows pets and will be comfortable to live in with your pet. A tiny studio apartment might not be ideal for your great dane; an RV might not have space for your rabbit’s house.

3. Will you have everything you need? 

Depending on your needs and lifestyle, there may be certain items that you must bring with you to the temporary accommodation. This could be anything from a fish tank to a CPAP machine. Ensure that whatever type of housing you choose can accommodate these items. Also, be sure to start a packing checklist at least a week before moving out of your house. You don’t want to accidentally forget your child’s favourite stuffy or your file folder of important documents, especially if you won’t be able to enter the house because of the renovation.

4. Are you able to leave behind your valuable items? 

You certainly won’t want to have to move heavy furniture and other items out of your house just for the renovation, but you might have to. While you empty your rooms, you’ll also have to decide where to put everything. If you’re staying with a relative, they probably won’t want you to come with a trailer full of boxes that need to be stored somewhere. And if you’re staying in a rental apartment or RV, there probably won’t be any room. 

When you’re not sure where you’ll store these items, a storage facility is a great options for you! 

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Self-storage facilities offer many different sized units and pricing options to support you during your renovation. With security and easy-access, your items will be safe and available to you at any point during the renovation. Visit Wright Self-Storage’s website to learn more about unit sizes and pricing:

Keeping your items in self-storage during your home renovation will protect your belongings and allow your contractor the space needed to make your house look great!